Hello Keepook. Hello Truth.

Commit to a Keepook lifestyle. It is a lifestyle, where you uphold your promises and show that you respect yourself and others. Join the Keepook community with our new app. Make and keep promises to yourself and to those who matter.

Message from our CEO

Keepook's World of Promises

Keepook is a promises platform. This app explainer gives an overview of Keepook. Keepook is fun and easy to use. Use it to keep your resolutions and more.

Why Keepook? Why Now?

Do you find yourself lying on social media? You are not alone. Are you making false promises to others. Is there something in yourself you'd like to change? Embrace all of you on Keepook. Make habits, breaks habits. Show yourself self-love. Let's learn to love and respect each other on Keepook. Let's start with what we commit to ourselves and each other.

75% 75% people admit to lying on social media
Keepook at a glance

Operating in a white space, we have created a one stop destination for trust – Keepook! Keepook is for action oriented, social conscious and driven individuals and organizations.

The name Keepook is a play on words "Keep" and "Book". Keepook's mission is to help you make and track promises, while encouraging you to keep them. Keepook has a host of amazing features built on a state- of-the- art patent pending architecture that combines various technologies including blockchain (for tokens) and a unique proprietary trust score model.

Keepook is a promise management app that allows you to make an unlimited number of promises to yourself, to individuals, to groups and organizations. The gamification within the platform includes voting on promise fulfillment, assignment of a trust score and reward tokens and badges. State of the art messaging and notifications come standard, all to encourage you to keep your word.

Whether you are making a promise to do your chores, go on a vacation with the family, or pay back your friend – use Keepook.

If you mean it, Keepook it!

Individuals Benefits
1 Unlimited number of promises
2 Social reputation and trust profile
3 Support causes and social initiatives
4 Rewards and At.Cash tokens
5 Chat, voice and video call
6 Non-promise data storage
Organizations Benefits
1 2 months Free Trial Period
2 Build your trust profile and credibility
3 Raise funding, seek donations and collect pledges
4 Promote causes and corporate social responsibility
5 Create accountability to and from members
6 It's low-cost, fun and easy
Be rewarded for being good
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