2020 – Year of promises kept

2020 – Year of promises kept

Arushi Sood

‘Tis the season to make resolutions, and alas for many of us break them. Every year approximately 40% of Americans make a new year’s resolution[1]. As expected, the number that actually keep their resolution diminishes with time. Research is divided on what percentage of people actually keep their resolutions. According to an often-cited study conducted by the University of Scranton, just 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s goals[2]. If you’re not in that unfortunate 8%, you are probably wondering what you can do.

 Worry not, there is no shortage of self-professed pundits on this topic. Every year there is a boom in resolution related posts around new year. Many of these posts focus on tips to beat the odds. Some give you tips on how to outsmart yourself with action-oriented goals. Yet others focus on a positive attitude or incremental changes. Some advice you not to have resolutions at all!

 While, we don’t claim to be pundits, we have a suggestion. Use our app – Keepook. We are putting our money where are mouth is! We have invested a big pot of our savings into helping you keep your resolution.

 We built an app that helps you keep your promises. It is that helping hand and motivation which we all need. The app is called Keepook. A play on the words “keep” and “book”. It is simple to use. Make a promise to yourself using a promise type called “I Promise Myself”.  Describe your promise or resolution and set a due date. You can also set daily reminders. Mark it as complete when done, or wait for the app to prompt you for the status on the due date.

 While this is cool, where we get really excited though, is type of promise we call “I Promise World” or IPW. Here you make a goal that you publish to selected contacts, all your contacts, people who follow you, or even to the entire Keepook community. You can also decide on who gets to vote on whether you accomplished your goal. You can attach and documents and proof through-out. The community, as selected votes on the due date or whenever you call a vote. You can even select whether you want an open or closed poll. How is that for motivation?

 Self-love and self-improvement are important! Set interesting challenges for yourself. Make a commitment to yourself and see it through. We know you can do it. We are just here to give you a helping hand. BTW, the app is free. There really is no reason for you not to use this this new year. Keep your promises with Keepook and feel strong. If you mean it Keepook it!

 We promise, you are worth it!

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