Message from CEO
Arushi Sood Joshi
CEO, AtCash Inc.

Thank you for taking an interest in us. This is the beginning of a bold and exhilarating journey. Your coverage means a lot to us!

We have a unique story to share. We are too small, to take on such a big problem. Yet, we are. Someone has to! I don't neatly fit the profile of a start-up founder. For starters, I am the mother of two young children. I am leaving behind a successful corporate career that spans close to eighteen years. What then possessed me to gamble it all for a dream? The dream is to celebrate the truth! It is to find the best in us. It is to let people know that their word counts.

The pursuit of truth has been filled with ups and downs. However, it is a story of strength and joy. I came to the United States as a student over 20 years ago. I was an idealist to the core. This country embraced me and I made it my own. I was rapidly ascending the corporate ladder. Many times, I stopped on the ladder to look back and up again, where was I actually heading. I was looking for my purpose. It alluded me. My work took me to lands near and far. While I was gone, a lot changed in this country. A lot changed in my world as well. My grit and resolve, my trademarks were being broken by broken promises. You can read more about it here.

Long story short, I made it my mission to create a platform that helped people be more accountable. I wanted to reward the truth and let people know that every kept promise is a smile or greater. There is too much negativity around us. Too much fake. We are afraid to bring our whole self in our interactions with people. Keepook is a lifestyle app first, a social media app second.

As far as we know, there is nothing like it. It is the first end-to-end promises app in the world. It allows you to make and manage promises. It also rewards you for keeping promises. It is much more than a to-do or rating app. It is a commitment to be a better you. It's fun and easy to use. What's more? It's free for individuals to use. While there is an upgraded version available, the majority of the functionality is available for free.

We have designed it so that it resonates with both individuals and organizations. Individuals can manage their own promises and build their trust score. A trust score is like a credit score, but for trust. Individuals can also support organizations that they believe stand for the truth. They can make donations to those organizations and also participate in their causes.

Organizations on the other hand, can show they can be trusted and they are accountable. They can put their promises to their customers and the public on the platform. They can manage their reputation. They can also create causes on the platform that others can participate in. They can raise donations on the platform and show that they stand for more than the bottom line.

Again, your time and interest mean the world to us. This is a bold journey we have embarked upon and I promise we can't do it without you!

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Promises are not meant to be broken!
Promises are not meant to be broken!
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2020 – Year of promises kept
2020 – Year of promises kept
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Arushi - Chess Next Move
Arushi - Chess Next Move