Promises are not meant to be broken!

Introducing Keepook, a promise app for all

In today’s world, empty words and broken promises are a norm. The founding team of a young startup, AtCash Inc,had firsthand experience of the disappointment and loss of trust that follows broken promises and commitments. They were probably not alone. However, being a provider of trust platforms, Arushi Joshi, the CEO and Founder of AtCash Inc, questioned what it meant to give someone your word! What is trust? How do you measure trust? What does trust mean to you? This philosophical journey, led to the creation of a promises and trust app, Keepook. 

The name Keepook is a play on words “Keep” and “Book”. Keepook’s mission is to help you make and track promises, while encouraging you to keep them. Keepook has a host of amazing features that will get you hooked on the app in no time. The user interface is interactive, fun and easy to maneuver. As a bonus, Keepook is built on a state- of-the- art patent pending architecture that combines various technologies including blockchain (for tokens) and a unique proprietary trust score model. Keepook is available for both Individuals and Organizations. 
As a promise management app, it allows you to make an unlimited number of promises to yourself, to individuals, to groups and organizations. The gamification within the platform includes voting on promise fulfillment, assignment of a trust score and reward tokens and badges. State of the art messaging and notifications come standard, all to encourage you to keep your word. 

Keepook has eight promise types to select from. You have full control over the nature of the promise and who gets to see it. Choose the promise type that suits your needs and mood best. Break or create habits, with promises to yourself. Want to bring others into your promise? Make a promise to the world. Prefer one-on-one promises? Go ahead and make or ask for promises. Work in groups? Make a promise to the group or collectively as a group! The only thing stopping you is your resolve. No promise is too big or too small. Did we mention, the app is free for individuals to use!

Keepook is not just for individuals but also organizations. Organizations have access to the promise features and additional features such as the ability to create causes, share CSR initiatives and raise donations. Organizations range from student organizations to large businesses. Fees are highly subsidized for organizations and range from $9.99 to $99.99 per month. There is no reason, every organization should not be using it! 

“There is a promise type for everyone on Keepook. We want to commend people and organizations for being good, honest, trustworthy. I strongly believe that fulfilling promises and commitments reinforces a person’s positive outlook and makes them feel strong. My children have been an integral part of this exhilarating journey and I derive my inspiration from them. They love Keepook, which cemented my resolve that we were on the right road. We are confident that everyone will love Keepook and experience the immense value it will bring to their life. My new mantra is "If you mean it, Keepook it!" commented Arushi Joshi, CEO and Founder of AtCash Inc.   
Keepook is available for download on Apple Store and Google Play Store. For more information visit 

Keepook is a trademark pending product of AtCash Inc., a Delaware based corporation. Press inquiries can be sent to