We believe honesty is priceless. We want to provide an opportunity for people to share promises and commitments with people they care about.

Individuals can download Keepook at no cost and access the majority of features. We don't believe in bait and switch. You won't find us blocking features for users and driving them unwittingly to upgrades. The core of the platform, which is the ability to make a variety of promise is free.

We are constantly looking for ways to increase the value we offer to customers. We have bundled some premium features into a monthly subscription fee of only $3.99 a month.

Know that as a start-up, these subscriptions help enable us to keep our promise to you to provide a high-quality promises app. In addition to these features, we will continue to find ways to increase value to our premium customers.

Unlimited Promises Free Premium
Trust Score
Chats, Video Calling
Tokens Limit 100 Limit 250
Post Public Promises to Entire Platform (IPW)
Non-Promise Data Storage 3 months 6 months with archiving option


Lots of organizations talk about trust. Few are bold enough to prove it. Are you one of them? There is a minimal cost to becoming an organization on our platform. Why then, have we kept the fees so low? We do not want cost to be a factor in whether you should pursue the truth or not.

Many of you will love the proposition enough to implement this platform across your organization. That is where we will realize fiscal value.

Organizations pay a monthly subscription fee based on organization type. This fee provides them the ability to manage one organizational account and post on that account. All organizations get premium promise options, as well as the ability to create causes. Causes allow organizations to and engage with individuals and other organizations on Keepook. They can also receive payments and donations on the platform.

  Monthly Subscription
Student Organizations $9.99
Non-Profit Organizations $49.99
Universities $79.99
Businesses $99.99