Keepook is a mobile app for exchanging promises and commitments.
It rewards honesty by assigning trust scores and issuing alternate trust cash or At.Cash tokens to its users.
Track Commitments Earn Trust
Build Your Brand Create Engagement
Promote Causes Prove you Care
Being good is simply good business. Let us help!
  • Do you believe and stand behind the commitments you make to your customers, partners, employees and vendors?
  • Do you believe Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is core to you?
  • Are you willing to break away from the pack and stand behind your word?
  • Do you want to engage the community and increase support for your initiatives?
  • Are you bold enough to handle the truth?
Why Keepook is for You!
  • Keepook is a unique promises app for the action oriented, socially conscious, driven organization to create greater social impact, improve engagement and build a reputation of transparency and trust.
  • Keepook will push you to keep your word and fulfill your obligations to your customers, employees, vendors and community at large.
  • Keepook understands that it is difficult to show accountability and transparency on fulfilled commitments. We have created a way you can make and track your promises. Whether you want to create public promises or private promises, you can do so on Keepook.
  • Your trust score is a dashboard of how you are doing in the trust and transparency department of your business.
  • Using Keepook, you can build accountability and trust with your customers, vendors and employees.
  • You can also create initiatives or causes on Keepook. These could either be community service initiatives or values that you are promoting. People you authorize can participate on those initiatives.
  • Your good reputation and social engagement can increase engagement with existing customers or open a new set of customers for your Brand.
It's Simple and Easy to Sign Up on Keepook
Create CSR campaigns and increase engagement
Keepook is Free for the first 60 days after enrolling and then available at a low price of $99.99 per month for organizations.
Ambassador of Truth
We would like you to be among our flagship partners. We will manage the entire set up for you at no cost and get you started. We are keen to support your values and make a positive impact.
Please email: or call contact me directly. As the CEO of Keepook, I want to personally welcome you to the Keepook family.
If you mean it, Keepook it!
Arushi Sood Joshi
Founder, AtCash Inc
Call +1 (408) 630-1990