Keepook is a mobile app for exchanging promises and commitments.
It rewards honesty by assigning trust scores and issuing alternate trust cash or At.Cash tokens to its users.
Promote Causes Track Promises
Increase Participation Build Trust
Increase Donations Earn Rewards
Why every non-profit should be on Keepook
You need an app that will help you create Greater Impact and Engagement on Your Causes
  • Keepook is a unique promise app for the action oriented, socially conscious, driven non-profits to create greater social impact, improve engagement and build reputation.
  • Keepook will push you to keep your word and fulfill your obligations, list causes, create initiatives and support values that matter to you.
  • When you enlist on Keepook, you will be "followed" and supported by individuals who will be able to view your public promises and cause listings. Similarly, you can follow and support public organizations and individuals who share your values and belief in causes that you support.
  • Using Keepook, you can be transparent about your commitments and causes to the public.You can create cause campaigns, build awareness, increase engagement, receive donations and increase participation and support. 
  • Build and maintain a trust score to build a reputation of trust and accountability that you can share with the public on Keepook.
  • You can connect with your followers on Keepook to enlist volunteers for your cause when the need arises.
It's Simple and Easy to Sign Up on Keepook
Receive donations, create initiatives and increase engagement
Keepook is Free for the first 60 days after enrolling and then available at a subsidized price of $49.99 per month for non profits.
Ambassador of Truth
We would like you to be among our flagship partners. We will manage the entire set up for you at no cost and get you started. We are keen to support your non profit organization and make a positive impact.
Please email: or call contact me directly. As the CEO of Keepook, I want to personally welcome you to the Keepook family.
If you mean it, Keepook it!
Arushi Sood Joshi
Founder, AtCash Inc
Call +1 (408) 630-1990