Get Rewarded for Being Good


At.Cash TokensFor every promise you keep, you will earn an At.Cash token. At.Cash is our "alternate trust cash" on our platform. There is a limit to the number of tokens that can be earned. However, based on these tokens you will earn badges.

What can you do with these tokens?Other than being a badge of honor these tokens may be associated with discounts, rewards and more in the future. We are still crafting these and recommend you hold on to your tokens! Don't say we didn't tell you so!

Did we mention blockchain?In case we forgot to mention, we hold ourselves to the same standards of truth and accountability. All token issuance will be on a Corda blockchain. All allocations of tokens will be available on the blockchain.

At.Cash Badges
1 Seeker (0-25) Tokens
2 Champion (26-50) Tokens
3 Guru (51-75) Tokens
4 Enlightened (76+) Tokens
Trust Score

We want the world to know you can be trusted and reward you for it! See your trust score change with the promises you keep and a number of other cool factors. Your trust score is like your truth fuel gauge. Whether it is empty, full or somewhere in between depends on you!

Based on your ability to fulfill promises and commitments, Keepook's proprietary algorithms will produce an overall trust score to share with friends, family, and followers.

You can improve the trust score by improving any of the factors considered in the algorithm. While we don't publish the exact formula we list them in order of their weightage.

We already know if you are here you want to be trust worthy! Help us help you. Get on Keepook Now and start earning trust now! Did we mention that the length of time is a factor in your trust score.

Trust Score Factors
1 Promises kept
2 Number of promises
3 Length of relationship with platform
4 Frequency of promises
5 Type of promises (mix)
6 Unique relationships on platform